Rejuvenating Urban Spaces

Urban art is living proof that chaos breeds creativity.  By empowering the urban fabric of our surroundings through the use of color, we are able to disrupt the city in a peaceful and non-invasive way; one that brings the communities some clarity, and transforms closed spaces into bridges that connect various streets and alleyways.


Branding & Story-telling

Every space tells a story. As the saying goes, white walls say nothing. Through the tools of art and design, we manage to bring your vision to fruition by bringing those stories from behind closed doors, and closed walls, outside, for the entire city to appreciate and consume. This means building your concept from the inside, out.

IMG_1868 (1).jpg

Bridging Communities

Color can speak louder than words. We believe color has the power to be used as a communication tool between several at-risk youth or struggling demographics within society. Whether through workshops or urban initiatives, we work together to show communities how connected they can be to their communities, and essentially to one another. 


Art Therapy For Everyone

Creativity exists in all of us and art therapy is a great way of tapping into this unlimited potential that we all have. By engaging in this enjoyable form of self expression, we instantly feel a sense of calm. Leaving the stresses and strains of daily life behind us, we enter a place of serenity, that is both relaxing and safe. 

What's your vision? Email us for any inquiries.