Al Jazeera Interview

Al Jazeera interviews our co-founder Lana Chukri on the inspiration behind Paint Up and our recent initiative bringing together Lebanese and Syrian youth in Naba'a and Bourj Hammoud.

Lamasat Interview 2013 - "A Little Wonderland" Dihzahyners & Dispatch Beirut

Future interviews our founders Jubran Elias & Lana Chukri on their "A Little Wonderland" project which was one of our most extraordinary projects yet. Dihzahyners and Dispatch Beirut, with a HUGE help and hand from our sponsors Colortek, A deco Center by Kassa'a, came together to recreate a very worn down, and wrecked part of Geitawi, Achrafieh


3lam El Sabah Interview 2012 - "what is Paint Up, dihzahyenrs & how did they start?

3alam Al Sabah goes into asking us the details of our initiatives, how Paint Up started, and where we intend to take it from here! Tune in, as we talk about any questions/curiosities anyone may have about Dihzahyners and the Paint Up projects!

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