Dihzahyners is the brainchild of co-founders Lana Chukri and Jubran Elias. After establishing a team of talented and bright designers with whom they graduated – the duo brought the team together in 2012 to recreate and rejuvenate broken and gloomy spaces in Beirut through a series of urban and street art initiatives that were later known as “Paint Up!” volumes. Dihzahyners then became a social enterprise and non-profit organization that evolved into a living, breathing entity, with over 160,000 followers worldwide; and countless collaborations with charities, schools, and independent artists across Lebanon.



There comes a time, where you’re standing, high on the fumes of the city, looking out to the horizon, where your blood boils and you want to be those walls. You want to speak, you want a voice, one that the entire city sees as they walk by every day. That’s what we set out to do. We wanted to be able to disrupt the city, in a peaceful and non-invasive way; in a way which brings the communities some clarity, and transforms stairs into the bridges that connect our streets and alleyways. By empowering the urban fabric of our city, through paint, through color; we all become the walls, the stairs, and the streets. We all share in each others smiles, laughter, fears, noise and silence.


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